Holistic Breathwork

Holistic Breathwork is a guided experience that begins with instruction. Participants are then led through the breathing exercises and an integration learning process that will tie breathwork all together.

Benefits of Breathwork:

* Strengthen and detox the lungs

* Release stored stress

* Release emotional pain

* Release toxins from the body

What you will learn:

* How the breath works

* How to breathe properly as a way to self regulate

* How to increase self awareness

* How using your breath can help you retrain and balance your

   nervous system responses

* A journaling process to help you integrate your experience

There will be an opportunity for a Q & A as well as to share your experience for those who would like to do so. Sharing is not required. 

The group breathwork process is much like going to any class like that of  yoga, gym or art. It is a great way to learn about breathwork, have a place to practice and be in community with like minded others.   

From the group practice you are encouraged to take what you learn home with you as part of your personal development practice. It is not required, but doing so, goes a long way in helping you to develop your self-awareness and is a practice in self-regulation. You may also find it helpful for your personal development to meet with Edie, the instructor, for one-on-one coaching sessions for a more personal experience where you can delve deeper into your practice to propel yourself forward. That way, you can set and attain your personal development goals.

* Check with your healthcare provider before embarking on any new health or self care regimen. 

This process is for educational purposes and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace any medical practice but can be of great support  as an added health benefit and in managing self care.

Join us for: 

Instructional Holistic Breathwork: Learn how to do the practice and all the reasons why we do what we do. Take this class as many times as you like. There are no limits! 

Advanced Holistic Breathwork:  Little to no instruction. Please attend at least 3-5 Instructional Holistic Breathwork classes before attending the advanced so that you can get the most out of the experience.  


90 Minute Introductory Group Workshop    $85.00

90 Minute One on One Session $135.00

4 Pack of 60 Minute One on One Sessions  $399.00

Please Read Cancellation Policy, Credit Card Required to Book Appointments