Salt Therapy Schenectady

Himalayan Salt Therapy

Salt Therapy

Halotherapy, also known as Salt Therapy, is an effective 100 % non-medical and natural treatment proven to influence healing on a variety of respiratory and skin conditions.

Clinical studies in Europe, Russia, and more recently in the United States have shown that Halotherapy delivers health benefits to adults and children alike.

Infrared Sauna

When it comes to revitalizing your health, reversing illness, and just making you feel great, few things compare to an infrared sauna.

Infrared saunas are clinically shown to help fight cancer, reduce blood pressure, relieve pain, reverse heart disease, promote weight loss, and give you a host of other health benefits.

Himalayan Salt Therapy
Himalayan Salt Therapy

Red Light Therapy

A red light therapy system looks similar to a tanning bed, but has no ultraviolet rays, so there is no rish of overexposure and skin damage.  It uses special electronics and propreitary lamps to produce ultra high levels of red light at 633nm.  The closer you get to the blue light, the worse it is for you.  Look at the light spectrum chart below.


The Salt Den’s NYS Licensed Massage Therapists’ goals are to assist clients in relieving:

  • Pain
  • Stress, and
  • Supporting General Health by maintaining, developing, augmenting or increasing muscular and joint functions with increased circulation and range of motion.
Himalayan Salt Therapy
Breathwork Therapy

Holistic Breathwork

Holistic Breathwork is a guided experience

that begins with instruction.

Participants are then led through the breathing exercises and an integration learning process that will tie breathwork all together.