Many have questions about our Himalayan Salt Lamps so today, I’m going to provide you with a little F.A.Q.

Why should I have a Salt Lamp & What does it do?

Salt Lamps serve as natural sources of light that emit negative ions into the atmosphere when heated. This creates a soothing stress-free environment that is beneficial for workaholics, children with ADHD or anyone in your household or business.

Salt lamps also cleanse and purify the air by trapping contaminants such as dust, pet dander, and smoke. This helps reduce asthma and allergy symptoms.

Where is the best place to have a Salt Lamp?

Preferably wherever you spend the most time. People usually have them in their bedrooms, at work on their desk, or in the living space of the home. Having a salt lamp in every room is ideal though, bring peace with you wherever you may roam.

What size lamp should I buy?

Think the bigger the room the bigger the lamp I need. Our most popular Salt Lamp, which is 3-5 pounds, will cover a 64 square foot area or equivalently a small bedroom. Depending on the size of the lamp, one may need to buy a larger light bulb.

My salt lamp is sweating, what do I do?

Leave the lamp on as much as possible, so the salt will dry out. The salt lamps take in excess moisture from the air and if not left on enough the salt will literally sweat. To be cautious, place something under the lamp not to damage surfaces.

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