We are pleased to announce that we have helped several thousand clients to Relax and Breathe Easier. Here is a Testimony from our first client, Audra Rys, who is still receiving the holistic benefits of the Salt Den.

“I am very honored to say I was the first customer (or one of the first customers) to use the Salt Cave at the Salt Den. I have used a salt cave before to help breathing and for focusing my mind before power lifting competitions, but I had to travel at least two hours to do so. I was super excited when I saw the signs for the future Salt Cave near to where I live in Latham.

I used the cave at the Salt Den before my competition in March of last year. I loved the cave and its spaciousness. It is very open and even if there are others in there with you, it does not feel cramped or crowded. The space is beautiful! I felt relaxed and cleansed when my session was over. I was ready for competition.

Shortly after competition, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and intestinal issues. I was in the hospital on and off for about a month and a half after that, culminating in surgery in July. I am now cancer free.

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