Introduction to Breathwork in the Cave


Learn to manage stress, anxiety, depression and more through breathing techniques AND Journaling.

Introduction class is only $85


Reiki In The Cave

New/Full Moon Energy Realignment

February          5th   10 am Sunday –  Full Moon

February          19th 10 am Sunday – New Moon

March              9th     6 pm Thursday –  Full Moon

March            27th     6 pm Wednesday  –  New Moon

April                 5th     6 pm Thursday –  Full Moon

April               20th     6 pm Thursday  –  New Moon

Space is Limited to only 10 Clients, Usually Sells Out.  Book Now


Salt Cave Bliss Foot Massage

JAN  18th      6 pm Wednesday

FEB  15th      6 pm Wednesday

MAR 15th      6 pm Wednesday

APR  19th     6 pm Wednesday

MAY  17th      6 pm Wednesday

JUN  21st      6 pm Wednesday

Space is Limited to only 10 Clients, Book Now


Crystal Sound Healing

JAN        11th     6 pm Wednesday

FEB         8th     6 pm Wednesday

MAR        8th     6 pm Wednesday

APR       12th     6 pm Wednesday

MAY       10th     6 pm Wednesday

JUN       14th     6 pm Wednesday

Space is Limited to only 10 Clients, Book Now


Aura Photo Days

August event almost a sold out crowd last time.  Don’t delay and booking for the next event.

April    13th     10 to 7 pm Wednesday

April    14th     10 to 7 pm Thursday

Pictures are booked every 15 minutes.  Reserve your time now.  Walk-ins will be welcomed.

* All Salt Cave Events are Only $45 each.

Each event includes one Halotherapy Treatment

Reservations are recommended because space is limited.

*** Credit Card Required to Reserve Event ***

* Cave Event Price for Breathwork is $85 per person

Please Read Cancellation Policy, Credit Card Required to Book Appointments

Himalayan Salt Therapy