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Himalayan Salt Therapy

Salt Cave Bliss Foot Massage

10 Minute Foot Massage during your Halotherapy Session.
Price: $45 per person

JUN 19th      6 pm Wednesday

JUL 17th      6 pm Wednesday

AUG  21st     6 pm Wednesday

SEP   18th     6 pm Wednesday

Space is Limited to only 10 Clients, Book Now


Himalayan Salt Therapy

Reiki In The Cave

New/Full Moon Energy Realignment

10 Minute personal Reiki treatment during your Halotherapy Session.
Reiki helps to Balance your Chakras by energizing the “Core parts of your Energy System.”
Learn what astrology energy works with the body this month.

Price: $45 per person

MAR             24th   10 am Sunday  –  Worm Full Moon

APR             10th      6 pm Wednesday –  New Moon

APR              21st     10 am Sunday  –  Pink Full Moon

MAY                8th      6 pm Wednesday  –  New Moon

MAY              23rd      6 pm Thursday  –  Taurus Full Moon

JUN                6th      6 pm Thursday  –  New Moon

JUN              20th      6 pm Thursday  –  Strawberry Full Moon


Space is Limited to only 10 Clients, Usually Sells Out.  Book Now


Himalayan Salt Therapy

Crystal Sound Healing

Enjoy the soothing sounds of crystal sound bowls during your Halotherapy Session. Let the
vibrations take you away!
Price: $45 per person

JUN      12th     6 pm Wednesday

JUL       10th     6 pm Wednesday

AUG     14th     6 pm Wednesday

SEP      11th     6 pm Wednesday

Space is Limited to only 10 Clients, Book Now


* Reservations are recommended because space is limited.

** Discounts cannot be applied to special events, but gift certificates will be honored.

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Himalayan Salt Therapy