Breathe in Health and Relaxation in our Salt Cave

Improve Quality of Life

Breathe in Health & Relaxation

Salt Den Treatments

Himalayan Salt Cave

Known to relieve symptoms of respiratory disorders (such as asthma & allergies) as well as skin disorders (such as eczema & psoriasis).

Salt Den Cave
red light therapy

Red Light Therapy

Enjoy benefits of relaxation, improved skin rejuvenation, increased circulation, enhanced injury recovery, and more.  Red Light Therapy is known to help with depression from Seasonal Affect Disorder (SAD).

Infrared energy is powerful

Infrared Therapy

When it comes to revitalizing your health, reversing illness, and just making you feel great, few things compare to an infrared sauna.

Sauna Therapy

Clinical Massage Therapy

Feel better, sleep better, enjoy every day without aches and pain.

Holistic Breathwork

Holistic Breathwork is a guided experience that begins with instruction. Participants are then led through the breathwork experience and an integration process that ties it all together.

Breathwork Therapy

Holistic Facials

Looking good starts with great skin; our facials can help

you achieve this.

Salt Den Testimonials

What our Clients Say

Himalayan Salt Therapy
Erica F.

I love the salt den and all of the healing options!

Absolutely loved the breathwork class with Edie! I’ve also gone to Edie for massage and highly recommend!?

Katarina B.

I took my mother here for an early mothers day gift. We both did the tranquility package. It was a very enjoyable experience! ❤️

Michael K.

I had a very relaxing experience. I will definitely be back.

Susan Z.

Reflexology massage with Edie was amazing! Kind, knowledgeable and extremely good! Highly recommend!